17 HMR Crystal Bullet Earrings
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17 HMR Crystal Bullet Earrings

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These crystal bullet earrings are handcrafted from dual brass 17 HMR once-fired bullet casings and genuine clear quartz crystal points. The ear wires used are nickel-free and hypoallergenic and the drop length is 2 inches.

Due to the unique nature of crystals, each set is totally different. Also because of their uniqueness, there are a limited amount of crystals that will fit into the bullet casings. So grab a pair quickly when you see them! Once they sell out, I am unsure when I will have more crystals that will work in them.

Jewelry Care

To prolong the life of your jewelry, do not shower or swim while wearing. Also, please avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions on any item containing metal chain. Doing these things will ensure that your jewelry remains wearable for a long time.