Wood and Hex Nut Bullet Bracelets- with or w/o skulls
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Wood and Hex Nut Bullet Bracelets- with or w/o skulls

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These stretch bullet bracelets are handcrafted with a centerpiece made from coupled 9mm and .40 caliber once-fired nickel-plated brass bullet casings. The remainder of the bracelet is constructed from 10mm round wood beads with stainless steel hex nut dividers. This can be ordered with or without silver skulls. The size of the beads make it perfect for a men's bracelet, or as a chunky-beaded women's bracelet.

Bracelets are made with high-quality stretch cord that has been pre-stretched so that the bracelet won't become loose after a couple of wears. Bracelet size is customizable upon ordering. Please measure wrist first and select appropriate size from drop-down menu. Bracelet will be custom made so that the interior matches the length you choose.

-Please keep in mind that each item is uniquely handmade, so slight differences may occur in the bullet casings or materials. 

**Centerpiece DOES CONTAIN NICKEL. If you are ALLERGIC to nickel, we do not recommend purchasing this item. 

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