Silver Bullet Necklace
Brass 9mm necklace
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Unisex 9mm Bullet Necklace - in nickel or brass

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This simple 9mm necklace is handcrafted from once-fired (no live ammunition) brass or nickel-plated brass 9mm bullet casings and hollow point bullets. Both options are strung from a matching finish 22 inch ball chain. If you would like a different length chain, please put it in the notes at checkout. 

These DO NOT contain live ammunition. However, they DO contain lead in the bullet that is encased in copper. Do not put item in your mouth, and keep out of reach of small children.

*Silver option DOES CONTAIN NICKEL. If you are ALLERGIC to nickel, we do not recommend purchasing this option.

Jewelry Care

To prolong the life of your jewelry, do not shower or swim while wearing. Also, please avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions on any item containing metal chain. Doing these things will ensure that your jewelry remains wearable for a long time.