Yin and Yang Bracelet
Yin and Yang Bracelet
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Yin and Yang Bracelet

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Matte Onyx and Howlite bead, separated by a yin and yang charm, with our signature bullet bar centerpiece.

"There can be no light without darkness; no good without evil.

Hope cannot exist in the absence of despair.

To truly experience happiness, you must have first had to feel sadness.

Many people frame the yin and yang symbol as good vs. bad or as opposing forces. However, the real meaning behind this symbol is that opposites are complementary of one another.

In this society that we've created, many people are unhappy. Millions have been diagnosed and treated for some sort of depression or anxiety. Why? - Too much focus on the negative aspects of life. Too much focus on negative media and world events. This has programmed us to seek out things that make us happy - food, relationships, travel, experiences - anything that gives us that "happiness high" and a temporary reprieve from all of the negativity in the world.

Yet each of these so-called positive experiences are fleeting. Until we can learn to embrace opposite forces as complements of one another, we will never see the beauty of how on the darkest of nights, the stars shine the brightest." 🌟🌠 ☯️

*Centerpiece DOES CONTAIN NICKEL. If you are ALLERGIC to nickel, we do not recommend purchasing this item. 

Jewelry Care

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